Bing has more than 100 million daily active users

Microsoft’s search engine Bing has passed the mark of 100 million daily active users. According to the company, this is partly due to the preview version of its new Bing AI chatbot, which “millions” of users now have access to.

Bing 100 million

Microsoft announces its user milestone in a blog post. The company says the number of users active each day has surpassed 100 million. The company says it still has a ‘single-digit market share’.

Microsoft claims this higher number of users was achieved after “a number of years of growth” and “a small boost” that comes from using the new Bing chatbot. One-third of Bing chatbot users have not previously used Microsoft’s search engine, the company says.

The tech giant also claims that users perform more searches in Bing on average. This would be partly due to increased use of the Edge browser, which has set Bing as the default search engine. This number has also increased with the introduction of the AI ​​chatbot, which allows users to send multiple chat messages within a single chat session. According to Microsoft, Bing chatbot users send an average of three messages per session. A third of users with access to the chatbot use it daily, according to Microsoft.

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