Bethesda offers two creators of the Fallout London mod a job

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Fallout developer Bethesda has offered two makers of the Fallout London mod a job. The mod that the two are working on is about the size of a Fallout 4 DLC, they say, and has 13 people working on it.

The Fallout London team announces that Ryan Johnson, the Lead Technical Advisor of Fallout London, has been offered a job as an Associate Level Designer at Bethesda. Johnson has also taken up that offer and has drafted design documents so that the team can take over its work with as few problems as possible.

The other job was offered to Dean Carter, the project manager. He is allowed to work at Bethesda UK. The people behind the project don’t say what his role would be there, but there would be work on Fallout 76. After ‘a lot of soul-searching’, Carter decided to decline the offer and continue working on Fallout London.

The mod makers announced late last month that Fallout London should be released in 2023 as a mod for the PC version of Fallout 4. The mod features a new story and new factions. Fallout: London takes place in the year 2237, between the events in Fallout 1 and 2 and about 50 years before Fallout 4. In a trailer, the makers show various environments and atmospheric images. A gameplay trailer was also shown earlier.

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