Bethesda launches public test server for Fallout 76

There will be a public test server for Fallout 76 that will test game updates before sending them to the rest of the players. The server will be put online next year, but it is not yet clear who can access it.

Bethesda says on its website that the Public Test Server is currently being worked on, and that it is scheduled to go live in 2020. Other than that, no details have been disclosed yet, such as when the planned date is and what the eligibility criteria are. to get. The Fallout 76 developer says it’s still working out the details, so more information won’t be available until later.

The test server should allow users to test new features before they are released to all players. Bethesda has received a lot of criticism from players for the quality of the game and the many bugs. With a test server, the company hopes to be able to repair problems at an earlier stage.

Bethesda is also working on multi-factor authentication to log into the game. That feature is yet to be released this year. Next year will be the previously announced Perk Loadouts and the Legendary system.