Best Android Apps To Hide SMS Messages

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SMS is still very useful in many ways like password recovery or getting authentication code. So no messaging apps like Hike, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc. can be alternate of SMS.  We are going to tell you about some best applications for protecting your SMS and other applications.

1. Application lock

AppLock is easy to use application for Gallery, Messenger, Instagram, SMS, Contacts, etc. You can use a password, pattern or fingerprint lock for protection. It password-protected vault can be used to protect the media files.

2. Calculator Pro

This is actually a calculator with many secure functions. Once you add any contact in the “Private Contacts List”, its new messages will automatically move to the application.

3. Privacy Messenger

Privacy Messenger messaging application is an alternative of a stock text messaging app. Privacy Messenger must set as default app to receive and send text messages. Privacy Messenger has its own private box that can be used to protect text messages from specific contacts. SMS blocking and backup are other features of this app.

4. Picoo Messenger

This is a free and lightweight SMS and MMS alternative app.  Sending and receiving SMS, MMS, and emojis to your contacts is very easy with Picoo Messenger. This application also allows users to hide messages sent from / to private contacts. To hide messages, users must install the vault.

5. Calculator Pro +

This is also a fully functional calculator app with a security app. This application can be used to hide SMS / MMS / call logs from secret contacts with passwords

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