Best Android Applications to Visualize CPU, RAM, and Battery

Here is is the list of some of the best apps that you can use your Android phone to Visualize CPU, RAM, and Battery.

Energy Bar

This application shows your battery level on the top of the phone (Status bar) in the form of colorful linear strips. In this app, you can set the type of the bar, thickness and the position of the bar and the style of the strip. 


In this application, you can add different parameters like RAM, Wi-Fi, CPU, battery temperature, and storage. 


This application has a cam also with additional features. You can also use the default indicator as well as can customize your own indicator also. You can also create different profiles with their name and description in it. After that, you can also set layout for it and can change the position of the layout regarding height and width. 

Battery Monitor

This application will give the details of the battery only. This application also gives you more information like RAM, CPU usage in the form of tiny floating windows and the widgets. 

Navbar Apps

With the use of this application, you can download add custom images to the navigation bar. Along with this, you can have a look at the battery level of the phone.

OS Monitor

With this application, you can show every network connection, monitor battery, network interface, and ect..

Simple System Monitor

The simple system monitor is another great app that helps you to monitor your Android device efficiently. 

System Monitor Lite

With this application you will be able to monitor CPU, RAM, I/O, Network, Battery and much more using System Monitor Lite.


This application is actually status bar replacement. This app can draw an overlay on top of the system-generated status bar. 

Gauge Battery Widget

This is actually a widget for your Android smartphone. This is a lightweight widget. This app doesn’t consume many resources. 

Cooling Master

Cooling Master is a professional temperature monitoring and controlling app that detects and closes heavy resource consuming apps to reduce CPU usage and lower phone temperature. With the help of Cooling Master, you can monitor and log device temp. in real time, and displays temp. change curves.

Battery Meter Overlay

This application shows the battery percentage at the top of the display. With this app, you can see if your battery is charged fully to play a game, a movie, or to surf the web.

Ram Booster

You can call this speed booster for android to extreme Speed up memory, Super Cleaner, Cache Cleaner, CPU Cooler, ram analyzer, Cooler Master and kill all extra Back running app and increase speed on phone for ultimate boost fitness of your device.