Battleroyalegame Hyper Scape will be released on August 11th for PS4, Xbox One and PC

Ubisoft will officially release its battleroyal game Hyper Scape on August 11. Season 1 will then start and the game will be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A beta version for the PC was already playable.

The release of the free-to-play game will be accompanied by the introduction of Season One and an accompanying Battle Pass. There is a free variant and a paid version, which costs 950 Bitcrowns. That in-game currency can be earned by playing the game or bought with real money.

The season will also have its own storyline, according to Ubisoft, with different game modes that will be available for a limited time. These are additions to the current Solo and Squad modes. Players who have already obtained cosmetic items during the beta can use them in the release version of the game. Items are transferable from PC version to console versions. Crossplay between PC and consoles is also supported.

Ubisoft also released an update for the Hyper Scape beta on Thursday. In version 0.5, the time-to-kill value has been adjusted, among other things. According to players, it took too long for opponents to die and Ubisoft has therefore shortened the TTK. This has been done by making the weapons stronger and limiting the influence of defensive Hacks. All adjustments that have been made are described in the patch notes. The PC beta will end on August 2.

Hyper Scape was announced in early July. It’s Ubisoft’s answer to games like PUBG, Warzone, Fortnite and Apex Legends. With the fast gameplay and futuristic setting, the publisher seems to want to compete with the latter game in particular. In Hyper Scape, 100 players compete against each other.