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Battlefield V: Cool shooter, but not finished yet

Apart from death and taxes, 2 things are certain in this life. That every year a new Call of Duty and a new Battlefield come out. These two games are the greats in the shooter field and they compete each year to win the most souls. So also this year with COD Black Ops 4 and now the new Battlefield V . Where we Black Ops 4 have been able to play for a few weeks Battlefield V was postponed to perfect the game. How this is going to catch is still to be seen, because in the meantime a lot of souls have been won in the COD camp by the Battle Royale mode Blackout and there is no Battle Royale mode present at the release of Battlefield V .


With the Battlefield 1 published last year, DICE was given a considerable update to the game franchise. We suddenly went back to WW1, but the singleplayer was completely upset by creating a sort of episodic storyline with various characters instead of a linear story. The game was quite well received and of course this method is continued in Battlefield V. Here again there are several storylines in the singleplayer to do and I have to say that this is quite exciting game moments. Of course, it is not the most exciting part of the game, because Battlefield you mostly play for the multiplayer. Also, the single-player campaign is not very long. These are four separate stories that guide you through a number of environments of the game. They are very different locations and this time there are really nice missions. Without giving anything away, I can already recommend “The last Tiger” missions. Here you follow a German tank unit in the last months of the war. How they have shown this in terms of environments and dialogues is really great. Although these are relatively short stories, it is a nice preparation to get to know the game before you start working online if you have never played Battlefield before.

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