Battle Royale H1Z1 coming to PlayStation 4 at the end of May

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Battle Royale H1Z1 is coming to PlayStation 4. An open beta will start on May 22 and those interested can sign up for a closed beta that will take place earlier. The game is being modified and gets a lot of airdrops, among other things.

On the PlayStation blog, the game’s makers say the PS4 version will be tweaked with more weapons, more vehicles, a redesigned interface and console-centric controls. All that should yield faster pots.

In addition, airdrops are added, crates that fall from the sky containing better gear. Players can expect a lot of these drops, which include six new weapons. The makers also let the gas that limits the playing area move faster. Each game therefore takes a maximum of fifteen minutes.

Players can sign up for the closed beta through the creators’ website. From May 22, this is no longer necessary and all PlayStation 4 owners can download the free-to-play game. Even then it will still be a beta.

The PC version of H1Z1 came out of Early Access in early March and then got a new addition in the form of Auto Royale. A week later, Daybreak Game Company, the studio behind the game, made the game playable for free.

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