Backbone Introduces PlayStation Edition of BackBone One Controller

Backbone has introduced a PlayStation edition of its BackBone One controller. Instead of the standard x, y, a and b buttons, the controller got PlayStation action buttons. The slide-out controller comes out in white to match the PlayStation 5’s color scheme.

Once the slide-out controller is used, the PlayStation action buttons will be shown in the various menus of the Backbone app for iOS. That should navigate it according to Backbone make it easier for PlayStation users. There is also a new section in the app that contains only news about PlayStation titles.

When users press the Backbone button in Sony’s Remote Play app, according to the editors from The Verge the menu screen of their PlayStation console as if it were a PlayStation button on their regular controller. After that, they can navigate through the menus.

Other than the custom colors and the action buttons, there is no difference between this controller and the regular Backbone One controller. Just like the PlayStation edition, it is sold for 119 euros. The PlayStation edition also has a 3.5mm jack connection and a Lightning connection on board that can be used to charge the iPhone device used for a gaming session. The controller has no built-in battery and draws power from the connected smartphone.

Currently Backbone offers the PlayStation edition of the Backbone controller only on for iPhones. The company states that it will come with a variant for Android smartphones from November this year.

BackBone One Playstation Edition