Aya Neo gaming handheld with Ryzen 7 4800U costs at least 1250 euros

The Chinese manufacturer Aya Neo is releasing a new version of its Windows gaming handheld with a Ryzen 7 4800U processor with integrated Vega 8 GPU. An earlier model featured the Ryzen 5 4500U with Vega 6. The price is $1,215 excluding taxes.

The new model is called Aya Neo 2021 Pro and comes with 16GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD. There will also be a 2TB version, but the price has not yet been announced. The price for the base model is $1,215. Converted to euros and with VAT, that comes down to about 1250 euros. With shipping and import costs, the final price is likely to be even higher.

The Pro version has an additional cost of $200 compared to the regular Any Neo 2021 with 1TB SSD, which appeared earlier this year. That model was launched after an Indiegogo campaign in which about 2500 participants paid about 2 million euros. There is also a cheaper version of that model, with 512GB SSD, which costs $ 925.

There will also be an Aya Neo 2021 Pro Retro Power variant. It comes with a docking station and a controller and everything is done in an NES theme. The hardware is the same as the Pro variant and the price is $1315; converted about 1353 euros.

The Aya Neo gaming handhelds contain AMD Ryzen laptop processors with Zen 2 cores and Vega GPUs. The Pro model has 8 cores and 16 threads and a Vega GPU with 8 cores at 1750MHz. On paper, the handheld is therefore more powerful than the Steam Deck, but it has a custom soc with a GPU that is based on the newer RDNA 2 architecture.

Recently new hands-on videos of the Steam Deck appeared online, including from LinusTechTips. He compares Valve’s handheld with the Aya Neo with Ryzen 5 4500U and concludes that the Steam Deck performs better. The Steam Deck is also significantly cheaper, but Valve has indicated that the handheld will be sold below cost to accommodate the $399 price point.

Aya Neo 2021 Pro Aya Neo 2021 Steam Deck
social Ryzen 7 4800U Ryzen 5 4500U AMD semi custom
cores/threads 8/16 @ 4.2GHz 6/6 @ 4GHz 4/8 @ 3.5GHz
GPU Vega 8 @ 1750MHz Vega 6 @ 1500MHz RDNA 2 @ 1600MHz (8 Cus)
Memory 16GB Lpddr4x-4266 16GB Lpddr4x-4266 16GB Lpddr5-5500
Storage NVMe SSD 1TB / 2TB NVMe SSD 512GB / 1TB EMMC 64GB
NVMe SSD 256GB / 512GB
Screen 7″, 1280x800px, ips 7″, 1280x800px, ips 7″, 1280x800px, ips
Weight 650 grams 650 grams 669 grams
Dimensions 25.5×10.6×2.0cm 25.5×10.6×2.0cm 29.8×11.7×4.9cm
Operating system Windows 10 Windows 10 Steam OS 3.0 (Linux)
Price 1TB – $1215
2TB – nnb
512GB – 925 dollars
1TB – $1015
64GB eMMC – 419 euros
256GB NVMe – 549 euros
512GB NVMe – 649 euros