Audi uses data from on-board computer for VR glasses in car

Audi is working on possibilities to use VR glasses in the back seat of cars, where the movements of the car influence the image in the virtual environment. The manufacturer also expects to be able to integrate traffic situations in the future.

Audi demonstrates the entertainment technology at CES in Las Vegas. The company has an electric e-tron vehicle there with VR glasses in the back that run the VR application Marvel’s Avengers: Rocket’s Rescue Run. As soon as the e-tron accelerates, the spaceship in which they are sitting flies faster for the VR glasses wearers, and when cornering, the spaceship makes similar maneuvers during its journey through the asteroid belt.

The technology was developed by Audi Electronics Venture, which has a share in the startup holoride. This start-up makes a software development kit available to other developers who want to use the on-board computer data for VR environments. Audi wants to release the technology ‘as soon as possible’, something that according to Holoride should be possible within three years. In the long run, Audi expects to be able to implement all kinds of traffic situations in the virtual world through communication with infrastructure such as traffic lights.

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