Audi brings a tailor-made charging system for the home

The popularity of electric cars is rising. There is more and more choice and for drivers who make a lot of mileage it is ultimately cost saving. The possibilities are increasing.

Audi comes home with a tailor-made charging system. The Audi e-tron can thus be integrated with the domestic infrastructure for the user.

Audi is going to offer a variety of home charging solutions for the e-tron, since the majority of the charging activities take place there. The standard, compact charging system of the Audi e-tron offers the possibility to charge the car at a maximum of 11 kW. The optional connect charging system doubles the charging capacity to 22 kW, with the Audi e-tron being fitted with a second, optional charger. The connect charging system can also be linked to the energy supply within the house. Through the WiFi home network, the charging system provides intelligent charging functions in cooperation with the home energy management system (HEMS).

Cost savings and CO2-optimized

With the connect charging system and a suitable HEMS, e-tron drivers can use variable energy rates to charge their Audi e-tron. This system can charge the battery at times when electricity is cheaper, while at the same time taking individual mobility requirements into account, such as the time of departure and the battery status. When the house is equipped with solar panels, e-tron drivers can use the solar energy to charge their Audi e-tron. The electric SUV does this by including sunny moments via the weather forecast in the charging cycle when it is connected to the energy grid at home.

The intelligent charging function also protects against possible power outage. Users always charge with the maximum available capacity that the energy network at home and the car can handle. The charging system also looks at the energy needs of other energy users in the house, in order to prevent overloading of the home network and thus stopping the plug.