Athom comes with Homey service without hardware and introduces Bridge – update

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Athom makes a smart home service available for which users do not need hardware but a subscription. There will be a free version and a Homey Premium service that will cost 3 euros per month. For other connectivity options, the Homey Bridge will be added.

The free Homey app is limited to five devices by default and also lacks access to Homey Insights. However, free users can create Flows. With the app and a Homey Premium subscription of 3 euros per month, a household can operate unlimited smart home devices that are connected to the internet. This can be done with the mobile app or with the browser app. For example, they can create Flow scenarios for functionality and deploy the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa voice assistant. In addition, Premium subscribers can gain insight into the use of the smart home products via the Insights dashboard.

Homey hardware is no longer required to use the smart home platform. However, without further hardware, the Homey service only works in combination with products that are connected to the internet, such as Sonos equipment or Philips Hue. Users who also want to connect smart home products to the platform that function via, for example, Z-Wave, bluetooth or Zigbee, can purchase the Homey Bridge for this.

This compact hub costs 69 euros and the combination of the Bridge with Homey Premium offers almost the same functionality as the Homey Pro, according to the company. Athom will continue to supply this device, introduced in 2019, ‘for professional users and installers’ for 399 euros, which was already the recommended retail price at launch. In addition to the functions of the Bridge, this base station also offers WiFi functionality and access to the Experiments function and HomeyScript. Athom promises that the Pro will piggyback on upcoming functionality for the Homey service, because they share the apps, voice assistants and codebase with each other.

Interested parties can use the Homey service for free, but it is then limited to adding five devices. An unlimited amount of devices requires a Premium subscription. The Homey Bridge is available immediately, the Homey service starts as a public beta.

Update, Wednesday 10.25: Initially, the subject was informed that the free Homey service was temporary and had to be converted to Premium after a month. This is incorrect. Homey is permanently free to use with up to five devices.

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