Athom adds support for Apple Watch to Homey

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Athom gives its iOS app for the Homey an update on Friday that brings support for the Apple Watch to the smart home device. Owners of a Homey can start Flows with the smartwatch.

Athom adds Apple Watch functionality to the smart home device with software update v6.7.0. Apple Watch users must be running WatchOS 7 or higher to use the combination. They can then open the app on the Apple Watch’s home screen and add their Homey as a complication to launch it from the watchface.

Then users can start their favorite Flows with the wearable. Flow is the name Homey gives to scenarios that users can set up for smart home functionality. For example, users can activate lights at certain times when a sensor detects that you are coming home and with the Apple Watch, Flows can be started manually.

Last month Athom already added support for Siri Shortcuts to its iOS app for the Homey.

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