Asus announces departure of director and new smartphone strategy

Asus director Jerry Shen leaves the company on 1 January 2019. Simultaneously with that announcement, Asus announces that it is turning its strategy for smartphones: the company will focus on gamers and power users.

Shen has been with Asus for 25 years and was the CEO of Taiwan for 11 years. company. Under his leadership, Asus released the PadFone, Transformer, ZenBook, ZenFone and EeePC series, among other things. In front of Engadget he announces at the iFast to work as chairman and director. That is a company that deals with internet-of-things and artificial intelligence. Asus has a 30 percent interest in iFast. Two people assume the role of CEO from 1 January: the CEO of the PC division S.Y. Hsu and the customer service chief Samson Hu.

The departure of the CEO coincides with a turnaround within the company, including a new mobile strategy. Asus will focus more on gamers and power users making it unclear how the ZenFones of the company fit in. Asus recently released the gamers-oriented ROG Phone .

Like several manufacturers, Asus’ mobile division struggles to connect with the major smartphone manufacturers and by using its image as a company of game products. Asus is likely to gain market share in a niche


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