ASRock Shows Motherboard With Thirteen PCI-E Slots For Collecting Cryptocoin

ASRock has unveiled the H110 Pro BTC+. The motherboard is sparsely equipped, but it does have thirteen PCIe slots, making it extremely suitable for mining cryptocoins, such as the popular bitcoin.

Apart from a single image, ASRock has revealed few details about the motherboard. The image clearly shows the thirteen PCIe slots. Only one of these slots is in the full x16 format, which is used by virtually all video cards, and the remaining twelve slots are in the x1 format. However, these are open on one side, so that full video cards can be used.

The motherboard also seems to have four SATA connections, two ram slots, a few USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, a network adapter and three basic audio connections. Based on the name, ASRock seems to have opted for the entry-level H110 chipset.

Mining cryptocoins generally requires as much GPU power as possible and the processor is hardly loaded. Because there is little communication between the processor and the video cards, the tight PCIe-x1 connection should not be a problem.

ASRock indicates that the motherboard is being demonstrated during Computex. Presumably, prices and delivery dates will also be announced.