ASRock makes small ‘Deep mini-ITX’ motherboard for EPYC processors

ASRock Rack has announced a small motherboard for AMD EPYC server processors. The sign uses a proprietary format with dimensions of approximately 17x21cm. This makes it slightly larger than the square mini-ITX motherboards.

The ROMED4ID-2T motherboard has an LGA4094 socket, or SP3, which accepts second-generation AMD EPYC processors. These are the Rome CPUs from the 7002 series, with up to 64 cores. ASRock calls the format Deep mini-ITX. This is not an existing standard, but the dimensions are based on the mini-ITX standard, which prescribes 17x17cm boards.

The board has four DDR4 slots and support for R-DIMM, LR-DIMM and NV-DIMM. Using LR-DIMM, up to 256GB can be installed per slot, for a total of 1024GB. The highest capacity still has to be validated, ASRock reports on its site.

Furthermore, the board has a PCIe 4.0 x16 slot and space for an M.2 2280 SSD. There are six Slimline U.2 connections for hard drives or SSDs. ASRock integrates an Aspeed AST2500 controller on the board, a server management processor with built-in GPU. Furthermore, the board has an Intel X550-AT2 network controller, two 10Gbit Ethernet connections and an IPMI LAN port.

What the small server motherboard will cost and when it will come out has not been disclosed. The motherboard is made by ASRock Rack, an industry of ASRock that focuses entirely on server products.