Arkham Origins developer prioritizes DLC over bug fixes

While there are bugs in Batman: Arkham Origins that prevent progression in the game, developer Warner Bros. Games Montreal is currently developing DLC. It is not certain whether the bugs will be removed from the game afterwards.

A community manager of the developer made the announcement on the game’s official forum yesterday. All he wanted to say about the bugs was: “If we release another patch in the future, we’ll only remove the bugs that make progress impossible. We’re not going to fix smaller bugs.” So the only thing that is certain is that the developer is now focusing on the DLC that expands the game’s story. The content of the DLC is likely to be about the relationship between Batman and Mr. freeze.

Several gamers on the forum react furiously. There are currently several bugs in the game that may make it impossible to finish the game. It is not known how many gamers are affected by the bugs or on which platform the problems are most common. Batman: Arkham Origins came out in October of 2013 and is the first Arkham game not developed by Rocksteady Studios, which was responsible for the first two Arkham games.