Ark Creators Reveal New MMO Atlas Coming December 13th in Early Access

Ark: Survival Evolved developer Studio Wildcard has revealed Atlas. The new game is a pirate-themed MMO and will be available on Steam Early Access starting Thursday, December 13. Starting next year, the game will also be coming to Xbox Game Preview.

Unlike Ark, Atlas will be a third-person game. A thick fantasy sauce has been poured over the game and according to the makers, a maximum of 40,000 players can travel around the same globe at the same time. Like Ark, it’s important to forge alliances with players, build fortresses, craft ships and compete with other groups of players who do the same. New, however, is the ability to command fleets of ships in naval battles. It seems that these ships are then manned by non-player characters, but that is not entirely clear.

Atlas was accidentally revealed a while ago, according to Eurogamer, when the studio put a trailer online. It was then quickly blacked out and the studio kept its lips together until last Friday.

The game is actually being developed by Grapeshot Games, a new studio set up by the Ark creators. It does consist partly of employees who have worked on Ark and the creative directors and founders of Studio Wildcard are working on Ark and Atlas at the same time.

The studio’s previous well-known game, Ark: Survival Evolved, also started as an Early Access game, in 2015. It remained there until its release on August 29 of 2017. Ark continues to receive new content in the form of DLC.

It is not yet known what Atlas will cost.