Ark 2 has been postponed until June 2023

Studio Wildcard has postponed Ark 2, the sequel to the online survival game from 2017, until June 2023 and January 2023 at the earliest. A release in 2022 was previously planned. The makers do not give a reason for the postponement of the game.

Substantiation for that time frame is that Microsoft showed the game during the de Xbox & Bethesda Showcase and there has said that every game can be played within 12 months. In addition, the year 2023 is mentioned in a new trailer.

The new images also indicate that the game is running on Unreal Engine 5. However, this trailer contains no gameplay, but only CG images, in which Hollywood actor Vin Diesel also makes an appearance. The dinosaurs known in the franchise are also present again.

Microsoft announces during the Showcase that the game will be released on Xbox consoles, so presumably the Series and One, and PCs. As for consoles, Microsoft calls it a “console launch exclusive,” which may mean the game won’t be released on PlayStation at all, not even later, even though its predecessor did. It eventually came to a total nine platforms out

If Ark 2 resembles its predecessor, it will be a first and third person shooter set in a sci-fi universe where dinosaurs roam the world. Players must climb the technology ladder through crafting and taming these dinosaurs, build a base and raid other players’ settlements in an online world. Cooperative play is also possible. The game is similar to Rust.

Update, Monday: Tweaker Ricofizz tips the Ark developers a extended post posted on their forum. It contains more information about, among other things, the gameplay of the upcoming title. They talk about a Souls-esque combat system and support for mods on all platforms, among other things.