Archos comes with physical ‘wallet’ for crypto coins

Archos has announced the Safe-T mini, a small device intended to store digital coins. It works with a personal key that is linked to the device, and according to Archos there is support for Bitcoin and Ethereum, among other things.

The Safe-T mini is already listed on the Archos website, but will only be delivered from June this year. If you want to buy one, you have to pay 50 euros. The small round box has a diagonal of 5.8 cm and has an arm processor with Cortex M3 core and a clock speed of 120MHz in the housing. The main purpose of the Safe-T mini is to manage the owner’s crypto coins, and to access the private key, a four to nine digit PIN code must be entered.

With the wallet for crypto coins it is also possible to carry out transactions. There is a built-in screen, an OLED with 128 by 64 pixels, that displays the transaction, and with the push of a button it is possible to confirm the transaction. Because all transactions appear on the screen, transferring crypto coins must be completely secure, Archos said.

The Safe-T mini is compatible with the following wallets: Electrum, Ethereum Wallet, GreenAddress/Greenbits, MyCrypto and Mycelium. The supported cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Litecoin, Zcash and Ethereum. After the introduction, support still needs to be expanded.

Archos is mainly known for cheap smartphones, tablets and in the past also digital media players. Today, the French company is also focusing on other devices; for example, it previously introduced a ‘smart display’ with Google Assistant on board.