Apple's 2018 iPhones get four new colors

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It will be a colorful autumn for iPhone fans, because apparently the new ‘cheap’ models get some fresh new colors, next to the Space Gray and black that you can keep expecting from the more expensive models. That is in any case the expectation of analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and that is always to poke for an Apple news. He is not always completely on top of it, but nine out of ten times there is always a kernel of truth in what he says, this time against 9to5Mac .

If you follow the iPhone rumors you have already heard about the so-called cheap version of the iPhone X that would come out at the end of this year. The phone has the same shape as the current X, but is slightly larger with a screen size of 6.1 inches and has no OLED screen but only an LCD screen. Also a number of premium features such as a double camera, stainless steel frame and 3D touch would not be included.

Cheerful colors

It is striking that the specific iPhone will be delivered in a number of new colors. According to the analyst, that phone will soon be available in white, gray, blue, red and orange. It could be that white and gray are similar to what the iPhone X looks like now, but then there are still three new colors that resemble the palette that was introduced a few years ago at the iPhone 5C. That was no success then, but that had more to do with the material than the colors, so the chance that Apple makes that mistake again is small. The new line should cost around $ 700, so similar to what an iPhone 8 now costs.

Not a big change

Apart from that colorful news, Kuo also confirmed that the upgrade of the current iPhone X remains the same optically and that also applies to the colors, although there may be a new gold color would come. Or yes, new: it probably will not be very different from the golden option that is now available for the iPhone 8, depending on which rumors you want to believe.
In addition, as previously mentioned, we can expect the iPhone X Plus of 6.5 inch with an OLED screen (and dual sims capabilities). That large version should cost about the same as the iPhone X did last year. That would also mean that the current iPhone X will soon be slightly cheaper, as far as there are many models. So there are a lot of new iPhones for Apple, but it is quite certain that all their phones are variants of the iPhone X. So if you are not a fan of the ‘notch’ it will be difficult to buy a new iPhone. Who knows? Maybe Apple has a surprise at hand and one of the new models is completely without nick …

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