Apple will show privacy labels with apps

Apple will oblige developers to clearly indicate in apps which data from users they collect and share. This information is prominently displayed in Apple App Stores. This is a summary of the privacy conditions.

Apple compares privacy labels with nutrition labels on food. The labels are intended to show at a glance how developers deal with user privacy. The labels show which data is used to track the user and also show which data is collected and linked to the user.

The privacy labels appear in the App Store and are prominently displayed before users download an app. Apple will require labels for apps on all its devices. It is not yet known when the labels will be entered.

Apple also says it will make other changes in the area of ​​privacy. For example, there will be an option to share a less accurate location with apps that request it. In addition, there will be a Recording Indicator in iOS, an icon in the status bar that indicates whether the camera or microphone is recording.