Apple Watch users can stream Spotify without any need for iPhone connection

Users of the Apple Watch now have the option to play Spotify streams on their smartwatch, without having to be connected to an iPhone. This standalone streaming feature was not previously available on the Apple Watch.

Several users reported to 9to5Mac that they have the ability to stream Spotify on the Apple Watch through the app. Spotify has confirmed to TechCrunch that the streaming capabilities for the music service will now be available to everyone for the Apple Watch after an earlier test period. The streaming function can be used via a WiFi connection or via mobile internet and for listening, the Apple smartwatch must be connected via Bluetooth to, for example, headphones.

The Spotify app for the Apple Watch appeared two years ago and then only gave users the option to control music playback. Spotify at the time indicated that offline listening would also come, but that is still absent to date. It is not known when this function will become available. To be able to stream Spotify directly, at least an Apple Watch Series 3 with watchOS 6.0+ is required, according to a Spotify page.