Apple takes action against iPhone applications that try to limit screen time

Apple has removed a large number of applications from the App Store in the past year that attempt to combat smartphone addiction by providing insight into screen time. Apple now offers similar functionality in iOS.

That is according to The New York Times, which has conducted research into the range of such applications in the App Store. In the past year, 11 of the 17 most popular apps in this class are said to have been removed by Apple. In a response, Apple says that the applications have not been removed because they compete with Apple’s own Screen Time.

However, two makers of screen time limiting applications disagree. The makers of Kidslox and Qustodio file a complaint against Apple in the European Union for abuse of power. Other app makers say in a response to The New York Times that they have been removed from the App Store without further warning.

It is not the first time that applications have been taken up where Apple offers similar functionality. The best-known example is Spotify’s complaint against Apple, in which the latter is accused of abuse of power to promote its own Apple Music. Earlier this month, ACM started an investigation into Apple because of the policy in the App Store.