Apple states that Spotify wants to enforce preferential treatment with complaints

Apple has responded to Spotify’s complaint of abuse of power. The Cupertino company says the allegations are an attempt by Spotify to enforce an exception. The music streaming service does not want to be obliged to use Apple’s payment system.

According to Buzzfeed, Apple made its position clear to Spotify by sending a letter, but it has not been made public. With the letter, the company is responding to a previous complaint sent to Apple’s address. According to Spotify, Apple is abusing its dominant position by requiring in-app payment applications to use the iTunes payment system. Spotify had removed support for this from its app, after which Apple refused the service in the App Store.

By complaining about the policy, Spotify is trying to enforce preferential treatment, according to Apple. “We find it problematic that you are asking for an exception to the rules that apply to all developers and publicly spreading rumors and half-truths about our services,” Apple said in a letter to Spotify. The company also denies violating antitrust laws.

Spotify and Apple have been at odds for some time. Because Apple charges up to 30 percent of the purchase price as a commission for in-app payments, Spotify must charge a higher price for subscriptions concluded within the iOS app. The normal price applies to subscriptions taken out via the Spotify website. Apple would gain an unfair advantage by the committee with its own music streaming service, the complaint is. However, the European Commission found no evidence for this last year.