‘Apple saves costs by leaving vacancies open’

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Apple would be cutting costs by not filling vacancies and not replacing people when they leave. That writes financial news agency Bloomberg. Apple is the only tech giant that has not announced a round of layoffs.

In addition to not filling vacancies, Apple is also cutting budgets for travel, writes Bloomberg. In addition, the company has dismissed employees who are not officially employed by Apple, but who work for third parties. These measures should help to reduce expenditure. Apple does not confirm the story, but said earlier during a meeting with shareholders that it is “very conscious” about spending and hiring.

Apple has also decided to no longer pay bonuses for employees lower in the organization twice a year, but once a year. That no longer happens in April, but only in October. Top people still get bonuses every quarter.

Bloomberg also reports that Apple has started paying more attention to when which employees are working at a physical location of the company. Sources from Apple suspect that the company wants to find grounds for dismissal in this way, because the company requires employees to be in an office at least three days a week.

Apple is the only tech giant that has not announced layoffs. The company has also hired fewer new people than other tech companies in recent years. It is the first time that Apple is paying close attention to spending and how that is done.

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