Apple releases iOS 17.1 with option to complete AirDrop transfers over the internet

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Apple has released iOS 17.1. The update adds several new features to the mobile operating system, including the option to complete file transfers with AirDrop over the internet. Apple already announced that feature in June.

Apple iOS 17.1 can now be downloaded as a 1.26GB update. The update has been available as beta since the end of last month. The biggest addition is the previously promised option to continue ongoing AirDrop transfers over the internet. This is possible when the two connected telephones move out of each other’s Bluetooth range. Apple announced that option in June during the announcement of iOS 17, but the feature was not ready for the first iOS 17 release in September.

In addition, iOS 17.1 contains a solution for the excessive radiation levels of the iPhone 12. These problems came to light last month, when the French regulator ANFR discovered that the phone has too high a specific absorption rate. This is a measure of the amount of radiation from a device that is absorbed by a body. According to the ANFR, this was 5.74W per kilogram for the iPhone 12 when the phone is in a pocket or being held. The legal maximum within the EU is 4.0W/kg. iOS 17.1 solves that problem. ANFR approved Apple’s solution at the end of September and previously confirmed that the fix would be included in iOS version 17.1.

Furthermore, iOS 17.1 includes some new features for Apple Music, including an option to indicate favorite songs, albums, playlists and artists. This should, among other things, improve music recommendations. iOS 17.1 also gives users more control over when an iPhone’s screen turns off in the new StandBy display mode.

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