Apple releases fix for reboot bug in iOS 7

Apple releases a fix for a bug that causes iPhones to restart on their own. The fix is ​​probably in iOS 7.1, which will be released in the near future. It is unknown how many users the bug affected.

The bug mainly occurs when the battery charge falls below 30 percent. White iPhone users will see a white screen with a black Apple logo, while users of black iPhones will see a black screen with a white Apple logo if the bug occurs, Mashable writes.

It is unknown how many users are affected by the bug. The topic about the bug on Apple’s forum has yielded nearly 250 responses and 90,000 views to date since its inception in mid-September. With that, it doesn’t seem to be a pressing problem for millions of users; then probably more people would have responded to the topic asking for a fix.

Apple is preparing the release of iOS 7.1. It recently provided the fourth test version to developers, indicating that the update could be released soon. In addition to bug fixes, iOS 7.1 also contains changes to the design of iOS 7, including the use of round buttons and icons.

iOS 7.1 test (source: 9to5 Mac)