‘Apple registers iPad Pro 2018 and new Apple Pencil 2’

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Apple registered a number of new products at the end of last month. It, therefore, seems more and more that we will soon be able to welcome new iPad Pro models and a new Apple Pencil.

New iPad Pro 2018

It comes to start with three registered model numbers in the Chinese MIIT database. This abbreviation stands for the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The model numbers correspond to a large extent with previous iPad registrations in the database of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) earlier this year. New electronic devices have to be included here to be sold in Russia.

 iPad Pro 2018 concept

That there are three model numbers does not mean that there are three completely different iPad models. Apple always releases different variants of an iPad. For example with and without 4G, or in a different format. This year we expect a 10.5 and a 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2018 with the looks of the iPhone X family. That is, with a front that is all screen, narrow edges and without the home button. Earlier this week there were also rumors about what the new iPad Pro 2018 has for new possibilities.

Apple Pencil 2?

 Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro

In addition to the registration for the iPad, the database also talked about a ‘bluetooth device’. Given the combination with the iPad Pro, it could very well be about a new Apple Pencil. There are rumors about an Apple Pencil that is easier to connect, in the way we already know from the AirPods. It is then no longer necessary to prick the pen in the iPad. The original Apple Pencil is already three years old.

Apple event in October

It is possible that Apple will present the iPad Pro and the renewed Apple Pencil this month. Officially it is not yet, but we expect a lot of new products. Enough to fill a complete keynote. There are also rumors about a new Mac mini and cheaper MacBook.

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