Apple raises prices for Music, TV+ and One subscriptions immediately – update

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Apple is immediately raising prices for the Apple Music, Apple TV+ and Apple One bundle services. The price increases would be implemented because of higher license costs. Only the student subscription of Apple Music will not be more expensive now.

The prices for the bundle subscription Apple One Individual and Family will increase by 2 and 3 euros respectively. The new subscriptions cost 16.95 and 22.95 euros respectively from the time of writing. The price for Apple TV+ will increase from 5 to 7 euros per month. For the annual subscription, a user pays roughly the same as before, namely 69 euros instead of 50 euros.

Apple Music Individual and Family will be 1 and 2 euros more expensive, respectively; the subscriptions now cost 11 and 17 euros per month. The student subscription will continue to cost 6 euros; that was already made more expensive by one euro per month last summer.

The new prices are effective immediately for new subscribers. Existing customers of the relevant services will first be informed about the new subscription costs, after which the increased prices will take effect for them after thirty days.

In its own words, the price increases are being implemented because of increased licensing costs for music, for example, the company says against 9to5Mac. From now on, artists would also earn more from offering music via Apple Music. It is not clear whether other providers of content on the relevant services will also benefit from the price increase.

Subscription Current price per month Former price per month
Apple Music Students €5.99* €4.99*
individual €10.99 (or €109 per year) €9.99 (or €99 per year)
Family €16.99 €14.99
Apple TV+ €6.99 (or €69 per year) €4.99 (or €49.99 per year)
Apple One individual €16.95 €14.95
Family €22.95 €19.95

*This price increase was implemented earlier this year and is therefore not part of the price changes announced on the day of publication of this article.

Update, 9.14 pm: Table of current and past prices has been added to the article. More clarity about the earlier price increase of the student subscription has also been added to the article.

Update, Wednesday: Prices for the annual subscription of Apple TV+ and Apple Music have been added to the table and the body text.

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