Apple: product safety is not compromised by iBoot code leaklekken

Apple confirms in a response that source code of the iBoot bootloader has appeared online, but the manufacturer emphasizes that it is old code and according to the company there is no impact on the safety of products.

According to Apple by design, the security of its products does not depend on whether or not the source code is kept secret. “There are many layers of hardware and software security built into our products, and we always encourage customers to update to the latest software to reap the benefits of the latest protection,” the company said in a statement to media outlets such as TechCrunch.

Apple also speaks of ‘old’ source code from three years ago. The code for the iOS 9 boot process has since been removed from GitHub, invoking the American dmca law. The code appeared there recently, after being on Reddit four months ago. Security experts said the code could provide insight into iOS bugs and vulnerabilities, citing changes that Apple has made since then.