Apple presents iPhone XS, XS Max and XR

Apple has announced the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR. It involves three smartphones with the design of the iPhone X last year. The XS and XS Max are coming out this month with prices starting from 1159 euros, the XR comes in October for 849 euros.

The housing of the XS models have an ip68 rating, instead of the ip67 rating of previous iPhones and the XR. This means that they have been tested with a longer time under water and deeper than previous models. The soc in the new iPhone XR and the XS models is the Apple A12 Bionic. It was made at 7nm, presumably at TSMC.

The A12 Bionic has six processor cores; two are there for speed, four must ensure economical use with lighter tasks. This includes a quadcore gpu developed by Apple itself. There is also a neural soc with eight cores. It has to be able to carry out five trillion operations per second, much more than the 600 billion operations of the neural chip of the A11 Bionic last year.

Apple claims that the screens of the iPhone XS models have a larger dynamic range for color rendering . The iPhone XR has a 6.1 “LCD with the marketing name Liquid Retina, the pixel density is lower than with the iPhone XS models, and 3D Touch is missing, something on the iPhone XS models.

Face ID faster, Apple has built a faster Secure Enclave and smoother algorithms, though the manufacturer made no claims about the faster it is, the primary rear camera has larger pixels, from 1.22 microns to 1.4 microns. The maximum resolution remains the same as in previous generations of twelve megapixels, the secondary camera and front camera are unchanged in terms of hardware.The iPhone XS phones get ‘smart hdr’, Apple’s version of Googles automatic hdr from Pixel phones. just a camera on the back and that is the same as the primary camera as in the iPhone XS, the XR also has portrait mode by calculating the distance to objects in software, as Google does in the Pixel 2.

t iOS function to adjust the blur in portrait mode afterwards, via a slider that seems to adjust aperture. That function has been in Huawei smartphones for years, such as the Honor 6 Plus from 2015. The iPhone XS models can also record audio in stereo, a point where the iPhone ran out of competition

All iPhone models have dualsim, but not everyone can use it right away. There is a regular nano SIM card, but also an e-sim. That is a programmable chip and users can then subscribe to providers. Providers must support that. Dualsim will only be available after the release of the devices, but Apple says the update will come this fall.

Apple stops selling the iPhone 6s and SE. The SE from 2016 was the latest ‘small’ iPhone with 4 “screen.

Specifications iPhone XS  iPhone XR iPhone XS Max
Dimensions 143,6×70,9×7,7mm, 177g 150,9×75,7×8,3mm, 194g 157,5×77,4×7,7mm, 208g
Screen 5.8 “, oled, 3D Touch 6.1″, LCD, no 3D Touch 6.5 “, oled, 3D Touch
Resolution 2436x1125px, 458ppi 1792x828px, 323ppi 2688x1242px, 458ppi
Memory and storage 4GB, 64/256 / 512GB 3GB, 64/128 / 256GB 4GB, 64/256 / 512GB  Camera Dual, 12MP Single, 12MP Dual, 12MP
Biometric authentication Face ID Face ID Face ID
Soc Apple A12 Biolnic Apple A12 Bionic Apple A12 Bionic
Sim cards Nanosim + e-sim Nanosim + e-sim Nanosim + e-sim
Price 1159 euro 859 euro 1259 euro