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Apple patent describes VR system for passengers of self-driving cars

A recently published Apple patent describes a vr system for passengers in self-driving cars and other vehicles. The idea is that this can combat car sickness and that various interactive options are offered.

The patent was published on Thursday and subsequently by Patently Apple . It carries the generic name Immersive Virtual Display and focuses not only on passengers in self-driving cars, but also in aircraft, boats and other vehicles. The idea is that passengers wear a vr headset, which receives inputs from various vehicle sensors, such as lidar, cameras and accelerometers. The first goal is to offer people with car sickness a scene that reduces or eliminates this phenomenon. For example, passengers who can not read in a moving car normally can do so because the text is projected outside the vehicle, for example.
The movements of the vehicle could also be integrated into the virtual scene, according to the document. Furthermore, the system itself should also be able to automatically detect motion sickness and adapt to it. A second goal is to offer passengers ‘immersive experiences’. For example, the document reports scenes such as flying in a hang-glider or driving through a ‘post-apocalyptic world’. An interactive element could be added to that, for example by ‘driving over zombies’.

As is usually the case with patents, the allocation does not mean that manufacturers actually convert it into a product. Apple does a lot of patent applications, of which only a small number will eventually develop.
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