Apple makes listening to sound recordings Siri opt-in in second beta iOS 13.2

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Apple has released the second developer beta of iOS 13.2. In the test version, there is an option to give Apple permission to listen to speech via Siri and Voice Memos. There is also an option to delete audio files from Apple’s servers.

One of the changes in iOS 13.2 developer beta 2, according to MacRumors, is that during installation a screen appears with an opt-in for letting Apple listen to audio input via Siri and Voice Memos. The same option is then found in the privacy section of the settings, under ‘Improve Siri & Dictation’. Apple does encourage users to allow the company to store and analyze the recordings in order to improve Siri and the Voice Memos app. The company provides a detailed explanation of the use and retention periods.

In addition, there is an option in the privacy settings to delete historical audio data from Siri and Voice Memos on Apple’s servers. With the test versions of the OS, Apple is fulfilling its late August promise that it would offer an opt-in for listening to sound recordings from Siri. That promise came after a fuss that hired employees listened to voice commands and other voice inputs to improve the quality of Siri. That revelation followed reports that Google also did the same with Assistant, Amazon with Alexa and Microsoft with Skype Translator, Cortana and the Xbox One. Apple then stopped listening, but wants to start again after permission from users.

Also new in the second beta of iOS 13.2 is the presence of more than sixty new emoji and windows to select emoji. New betas also appeared for iPadOS 13.2, tvOS 13.2 and watchOS 6.1.

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