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Apple makes iOS 11.3 with battery condition function available

Last night the update was done. I perceive strange things …

I have an IPhone 6 Plus of 2.5 years old and is used intensively (work + private). I am someone who treats his battery neatly, to maximize the lifespan. So never under 20% (preferably 40%), at 100% off the charger, more often prefer small pieces of charging than charging the whole battery, etc (which Apple also advises, say).

He had certainly been annoyingly slow for more than half a year, over several updates.

Example: opening a camera for a photo or Office Lens: waiting for a few seconds (you wonder if you’ve touched it) before the camera really opens. Even that if he then came into the picture (with the ‘animation’ from the bottom right corner, ever increasing circle segment), that happened in fits and starts and after that you had to wait a while for camera images (show photo moment, or colleagues who ask or who photo of that whiteboard has already been made).

After the update last night, I immediately went to the appropriate setting to convert the button with the iPhone again maximum performance (if necessary at the expense of a dropping phone because of a bad battery, that was the story of Apple, not true?).

Who is my surprise that the setting ‘Battery condition (Beta)’ states that my maximum battery capacity is still 88% (pretty good, after 2.5 years and intensive use), and ‘Peak performance’ says’ Your battery supports currently normal peak performance ‘(and no button to switch anything between speed and safety, as I expected).

And at the same time, my iPhone with this update is old-fashioned tried things several times (including the camera test), and everything works just as it should …

I think that’s very strange! I can not think of any other reason for the above than that a (willful?) Delay has been lifted with this update. Because: the new software has found no reason to reduce my peak performance and the phone is fast again as it should.

The only thing that can happen is that after the update the phone has been restarted, and therefore things are faster. But that was not the case with previous updates (inertia was often a reason for me to restart, but always without result).

I now get the feeling myself that Apple’s aging phones are slower to stimulate people to buy a new one, but when in the media that suspicion got stronger and Apple did not have to react, they told the story of ‘protection against failure have been told by a weaker battery. However, that story is not at all consistent with my experiences of the last update …

And no, I’m not a conspiracy thinker by default and am a satisfied but critical iPhone (only iPhone, no other Apple stuff) user since 2010. Do not want anything else as a telephone.

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