Apple makes bug fixes in iOS with release version 10.0.2

Apple has released an update to iOS 10 that fixes some bugs in the software. This fixes a problem with the Photos application, and iPhone 7 users should no longer suffer from a bug with the EarPods earbuds.

The new software is arriving over-the-air to users of iOS 10, but Apple has also posted details about the update on its website. One of the major improvements fixes a bug that iPhone 7 users complained about when using Apple’s EarPod earbuds, which connect to the Lightning port. Because of problems with the connection, it was sometimes impossible to use the playback buttons, for example those for the volume, on the earbuds.

Furthermore, iOS 10.0.2 has two fixed bugs. One of these is the Photos application; it was able to shut itself down after starting iCloud Photo Library. The other repair performed is to extensions of some applications; those would no longer work in iOS 10.

Earlier it was announced that Apple is working on iOS 10.1, which includes the so-called Portrait feature, with which a blur effect can be created in a photo. Incidentally, that only works on the iPhone 7 Plus, because it has two cameras. Apple probably wanted to release some bug fixes with iOS 10.0.2 in between, while it continues to work on iOS 10.1. Test software is already available for the latter version.