Apple is working on Apple Watch band full of batteries

The Apple Watch is a great accessory, but the battery life still leaves something to be desired. Apple seems to realize that. The company is working on an Apple Watch band with built-in batteries to provide the watch with extra power.

Apple Watch band with batteries

This is evident from a patent that Apple recently filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office. In the patent, Apple describes how the battery life of the Apple Watch can be significantly improved, without making the housing of the watch larger.

The “Battery Watch Band” contains a range of batteries. They are equipped with battery connectors to transfer power from one battery to another. Ultimately, the current breaks into the watch case – also through a battery connector.

To prevent the batteries from coming into contact with the external environment, they are hermetically sealed in the watch strap. The strap also contains an inner or outer frame that prevents stretching or twisting of the watch strap. This allows you to bend the strap without damaging the internal battery connectors.


An Apple Watch band with batteries would be a welcome improvement. Today, the battery is another major limitation of the world’s most popular smartwatch. The latest Apple Watch Series 6 lasts about a day and a half on a charge. This is often even less with older models.

It is not yet certain that the band will actually see the light of day, because it is only a patent. But it is good to see that Apple is investigating the possibilities of extending the battery life of the Apple Watch.