Apple iPhone loses market share to Samsung, LG and Chinese brands

The iPhone has lost market share in the past year to Samsung, LG and Chinese competitors, among others. This is according to estimates from various analyst firms. In total, around a billion smartphones were sold.

As the only manufacturer in the top five, Apple saw its market share fall in the past year, from 18.7 to 15.3 percent, claims IDC. Competitor Strategy Analytics maintains that Apple’s market share has fallen from 19.4 to 15.5 percent.

This makes Apple the only manufacturer in the top five of smartphone makers that has lost market share. Market leader Samsung gained some ground on the competition, while the market share of LG, also South Korean, rose to almost 5 percent. The market shares of Huawei and Lenovo also rose. These are estimates from the analysts; of the top five, only Apple, Lenovo and LG disclose concrete figures on smartphone sales.

Apple’s market share declined despite increased sales as the total number of smartphones sold accelerated. Apple’s market share was at its highest in recent months, following the release of the iPhone 5s and 5c.