Apple iOS 15.2 update makes iPhone 13 screen repair easier

An iPhone repairman says the beta of iOS 15.2 will allow the screen of iPhone 13 phones to be replaced without Face ID stopping working. Apple promised to come with such an update, but did not say in which version.

In a YouTube video, iCorrect shows that the screen of an iPhone 13 can now be replaced by a donor copy, without Face ID breaking. However, the phone continues to give a warning that Apple ‘cannot verify’ that it is an official screen. That has been the case for some time and has not changed. Only when replaced by repairers who are affiliated and authorized by Apple, the warning will not be visible.

Shortly after the release of the iPhone 13, it turned out that Face ID stopped working when the phone’s screen was swapped out with the exact same screen from another copy. This is due to a chip on the screen, which is linked to the Face ID module of the same phone. It was possible to get Face ID to work, but for that the chip on the screen module had to be replaced, which is a complex operation.

Last week, Apple confirmed to The Verge that there will be a software update that will ensure that Face ID no longer breaks when the screen replaces word. However, the iPhone manufacturer did not say with which software version that would happen. Since the adjustment is in the beta of iOS 15.2, it is expected that it will also be implemented in the final version of that update. Apple does not mention the change in its release notes.