Apple introduces M1 Ultra-soc consisting of two M1 Max chips

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Apple introduces a new soc in its M series. The M1 Ultra consists of a combination of two M1 Max chips, which are connected to each other via UltraFusion. That is the name of Apple’s own interconnect, which has a bandwidth of 2.5TB/s.

The combination of two M1 Max-socs yields 20 CPU cores and a maximum of 64 GPU cores. A maximum of 128GB of memory can be integrated on the M1 Ultra and that has a bandwidth of 800GB/s.

Apple uses its own UltraFusion interconnect to combine the two M1 Max chips. Apple claims that it is so fast that there is no noticeable difference with chips that consist of one piece. The die-to-die interconnect was already present on the M1 Max soc, but Apple has not announced it before.

The combined chip consists of 114 billion transistors. That is seven times the number of transistors in an M1 soc. Apple will be the first to use the M1 Ultra in the Mac Studio. That’s a larger version of the Mac mini.

Apple M1 Ultra

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