Apple gives Windows version of iCloud app function to manage passwords

In version 12.5 of iCloud for Windows, Apple added the ability for users to manage their passwords. It is possible to search, modify and delete or add saved passwords.

Users of iCloud for Windows can find the iCloud passwords function via the start menu after the update, Apple writes in a user manual. To manage the passwords, the user must log in, for example via Windows Hello. Password changes made in Windows are synced through iCloud on Apple devices.

At the beginning of this year, Apple already released a Chrome extension for managing iCloud passwords. It is also part of iCloud 12.5 for Windows, but in the new version there is also official support for the Edge browser. With the extension, it is only possible to use saved passwords and add new passwords to the iCloud Keychain. The Windows integration is more flexible with the ability to search stored passwords as well.

To manage passwords stored in iCloud in Windows, users must activate iCloud password sync in iCloud settings. Requires an Apple account with two-step verification and an Apple device with at least iOS 14 or macOS 11 to generate a security code.