Apple gives AirPods free with iPhone 2020

Apple plans to deliver the new iPhone 12 with the AirPods next year. These super popular earphones would replace the EarPods. At least: insiders have reported this to the Taiwanese DigiTimes.

Free AirPods iPhone 2020

The iPhones are currently supplied with the EarPods with Lightning connector. Those are not expensive for Apple to produce – Apple sells them for € 29. It is now claimed that “smartphone providers including Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi consider supplying their new models with TWS earphones every year.” TWS stands for ” truly wireless stereo ‘: completely wireless earphones so … like the Apple AirPods.

AirPods production doubled

We currently find the rumor not really plausible. The AirPods are a huge success. Millions of consumers count large amounts for the AirPods without hesitation: both the regular AirPods (from € 179) and the new AirPods Pro (€ 279) are sold like sweet cakes. The production of the AirPods Pro seems to have even doubled with the holidays in prospect. So why would Apple give them a gift if people pull their wallets en masse?