Apple gets patent for dual SIM implementation for smartphones

Apple has been granted a patent on technology for the implementation of dualsim in a smartphone. The American hardware maker is the only major telephone manufacturer that does not have a device in its line-up with space for two SIM cards.

The technology involves an implementation of dualsim, where each of the two SIM cards can use its own antennas, according to the patent that PhoneArena found. The system must prevent the range from being reduced by using two SIM cards. Both SIM cards can access 2g, 3g and 4g.

Apple is the only major smartphone maker without a dual SIM phone in the range. Samsung releases many of its models in dual SIM versions, while many manufacturers such as Xiaomi and Huawei’s subsidiary Honor have room for two SIM cards in all models.

The patent, which came online this week but was filed a few years ago, shows that Apple has been working on dualsim technology. There have been rumors for some time about an iPhone variant for the Chinese market with space for two SIM cards. Despite this, it is far from certain that there will be a dualsim iPhone. Apple files many patents for technology it never uses.

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