Apple fires newly hired manager after staff protest – update

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Apple has fired a newly hired manager after staff protested his appointment. The man was hired in April to join the company’s advertising department.

It concerns Antonio Garcia Martinez, a former Facebook product manager who, according to Apple employees, had made misogynistic and racist comments in a 2016 book in which the man testified about his time at the social media company.

According to Bloomberg news agency, Apple employees asked Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of software and services, about what went wrong during the hiring process that will help promote the culture of inclusion at Apple.

Apple subsequently terminated the partnership, stating in a statement to Bloomberg that the company “is committed to an inclusive, open workplace where everyone feels respected and accepted.”

Garcia Martinez meanwhile responded via Twitter on the resignation from Apple. “Apple contacted me through a former colleague. The company valued my experience in the advertising world and convinced me to change jobs. I put aside all my future writing ambitions to make a career at Apple possible.” Martinez also states that the Cupertino company was indeed aware of the contents of the book in which he had made the controversial statements.

Update, 10:40 AM: Article adjusted in response to response.Update, May 15, 12:00: Comment Garcia Martinez added to the article.

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