Apple does not intend to join Mac OS and iOS together

Tim Cook told the Sydney Morning Herald that Apple really does not intend to turn the iPad into a laptop and vice versa. The two product lines do not collapse, despite the fact that iOS – certainly on the iPad – seems to go more and more in that direction. It has long been speculated that this merger is the ultimate plan for Apple but Cook now contradicts that.

Not logical

Cook understands that the rumors have been around for a long time: it would make Apple a lot more efficient to focus on only one operating system and merging the hardware divisions would at least have room to work on more new things. Cook thinks, however, that users want other things and that should be Apple’s primary focus, says the CEO.

It would mean that all rumors about an amalgamation of iOS and Mac OS have all been nonsense so far. It could of course also be that Apple is working on something that makes it easier for developers to develop apps on both platforms, but that this will not lead to fusion.

Both use

So it does not seem to be that fast yet. Cook himself also uses a Mac at the office and an iPad at home and traveling, he says to the newspaper. Previously, Apple fans (who like to exaggerate) were already convinced that the Mac would die off, because Cook had once said that he uses an iPad for many things.

Cook must always watch what he says, so the fact that he makes this statement means that in any case, it is our intention to have confidence in the continued existence of the MacBook line next to the iPad and iPhones. Nice.