Apple acquires TestFlight software testing suite

Apple has acquired the parent company behind the testing software TestFlight. As a result, the software to test mobile apps seems to be available exclusively for iOS developers. The details of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Rumors of the acquisition surfaced via TechCrunch, and the news was subsequently confirmed in relatively vague terms by an Apple spokesperson. It’s unclear how much Apple paid for its parent company, Burstly. The latter previously announced that its TestFlight software is no longer available for Android, a possible result of the acquisition by Apple.

TestFlight is software that developers can use to test their applications. It is likely that Apple wants to integrate the software into its developer tools for iOS. The Cupertino company declined to disclose its specific plans.

Burstly also owns FlightPath, an analytics software that helps developers understand how their app is being used. FlightPath was available in beta, but Burstly announced that the service will be shutting down. It is therefore plausible that the acquisition by Apple was specifically aimed at getting hold of TestFlight.