Apple acquires sleep monitoring company Beddit

Apple has acquired Beddit, a company that makes sensors and an iOS app that allows users to measure their sleep. The takeover was announced due to a change in the company’s privacy terms. The acquisition amount has not been disclosed.

In its privacy terms, Beddit states that it has been acquired by Apple. The two companies have not disclosed further details about the acquisition. As a result, the acquisition amount is not known and it is unclear what Apple’s plans are exactly. It is striking that Beddit on its website seems to have taken the page with information about the application for the Apple Watch offline. The page is still visible through Google’s cache.

Beddit Sleep Monitor is an iOS app for measuring sleep patterns. The application works in combination with an accessory that must be placed on the mattress. This sensor communicates wirelessly via bluetooth with the iPhone or Watch.

Users of the Beddit app can set smart alarms to sound at moments of light sleep. That should help to wake up less drowsy in the morning. There are also apps that offer similar functionality and do not require an accessory. The phone must be placed on the mattress and the sensors of the device are used to measure vibrations.