Apple acquires maker of asthma monitoring application Tueo Health

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It appears that Apple has acquired Tueo Health, the makers of an application to monitor children with asthma. The software works with breathing sensors so that parents can monitor at night whether their child continues to breathe properly.

Apple itself declined to confirm that it has acquired Tueo Health; a company spokesperson declined to comment after CNBC broke the news based on an undisclosed source. However, Apple is known not to publicly disclose many, especially small, acquisitions. It can be seen on LinkedIn that the founders of the start-up now work at Apple; it seems that the takeover was completed at the end of last year.

Tueo Health’s main product is an application that monitors asthma symptoms in children. The application can be linked to commercially available breathing sensors so that parents can, for example, monitor at night whether their child continues to breathe well; the app gives a signal when there are changes in the breathing pattern.

The acquisition is in line with Apple’s policy to do more with health. For example, it recently brought the possibility to make a heart film, or ECG, to the Apple Watch. Also, with HealthKit, it has software for creating health and fitness applications. Health is expected to be one of the main topics at Apple’s WWDC conference, which begins June 3.

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