APKMirror makes Installer app available via Google Play Store

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APKMirror has made an Installer app available through the Play Store. Through this app, app bundles with split apks can be installed. Previously, APKMirror did not support app bundles. It is not possible to download apk files through the app.

In 2018, Google introduced app bundles with split APKs, a revamped way to distribute Android apps. A regular app contains resources for all devices, including different screen sizes. App bundles install only the components needed for a specific device. Applications such as Netflix and Chrome have switched to such app bundles, Android Police writes.

App bundles were previously not supported by APKMirror, a website that allows users to download and install Android apps outside of the Play Store. With the APKMirror Installer app, these bundles are now supported. The app works with apkm files. This is an encrypted standard set up by APKMirror. The Installer app can also be used for installing regular apk files.

Users cannot download app bundles directly from the Installer app, only install them. APKMirror does offer the app bundles on its website. This detour was necessary to offer the app via the Play Store. If app bundles can be downloaded from within the APKMirror app itself, then it is essentially a sort of separate app store and that is against Google’s terms.

A public beta version of the APKMirror Installer is currently available on the Play Store. The developer still warns about crashes and other bugs.

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